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Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE? platform, BIOVIA? provides global, collaborative product lifecycle experiences to transform scientific innovation

BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment that can help science-based organizations create and connect biological, chemical and material innovations to improve the way we live.

The industry-leading BIOVIA portfolio is focused on integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements end-to-end across research, development, QA/QC and manufacturing. Capabilities over the areas of Scientific Informatics, Molecular Modeling/Simulation, Data Science, Laboratory Informatics, Formulation Design, BioPharma Quality & Compliance and Manufacturing Analytics.

BIOVIA is committed to enhancing and speeding innovation, increasing productivity, improving quality and compliance, reducing costs and accelerating product development for customers in multiple industries.

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  • Biopharma Quality and Compliance
  • Data Science
  • Formulations Design
  • Laboratory Informatics
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Molecular Modeling and Simulation
  • Scientific Informatics

Key Features & Benefits

  • Manage and connect scientific innovation processes and information across the product lifecycle
  • Create enterprise-wide intelligence that helps reduce cycle times and time to market
  • Use modeling, simulation and predictive analytics for in-silico design and selection of molecules, biologics, materials and formulations
  • Streamline data access and reporting across the enterprise for knowledge-based decision making
  • Facilitate collaboration, internally and externally to access, organize, analyze, and share information
  • Capture, access and share consistent data from a single source of truth for better process and product quality
  • Accelerate compliant product and process development from research through QA/QC

BIOVIA is committed to help advance the highest levels of scientific research and innovation across the industries we serve. To support this responsibility, BIOVIA scientists continuously conduct cutting-edge research in both Life and Materials Sciences. The mission of the BIOVIA Science Council is to guide and coordinate these scientific initiatives, while also driving the highest standard of company-wide innovation.

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Moving from data-blind, fragmented silos to knowledgeable, collaborative enterprises in the Life Sciences, CPG, Energy/Materials, High Tech and Aerospace/Defense industries requires new experiential technologies propelled by 3DEXPERIENCE, the Cloud, Digital Innovation and Big Data Analytics.

Jason Benedict CEO, BIOVIA brand of Dassault Systèmes and Vice President of R&D


  • BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Community

    Connect with the Pipeline Pilot Community to discuss the latest best practices and R&D developments. The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Community covers topics from instrument integration, data science, application development, cheminformatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.

    Join the BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Community
  • BIOVIA Discovery Studio Community

    Join the Discovery Studio community for Life Sciences modeling and simulations. Covers a wide range of topics, including forcefield-based simulations, protein homology modeling, small molecule drug design and virtual screening and antibody structure modeling and developability predictions. Stay connected to keep up to date with announcements and updates.

    Join the BIOVIA Discovery Studio Community
  • BIOVIA QUMAS Community

    Join the QUMAS Community for EDMS (DocCompliance), EQMS (ProcessCompliance), MyQUMAS, DocTransfer, Enterprise Scanning and LMS to stay current with product announcements and updates, to network with peers and share knowledge, post ideas, run surveys, and join discussions. Topics include document management, R&D and regulatory, enterprise content, quality processes, training, dashboards and reports.

    Join the BIOVIA QUMAS Community
  • BIOVIA Materials Studio Community

    Join the Materials Studio Community for materials modeling and simulation. Topics vary and include discussions on catalyst, polymer, nanomaterial, and electronics development, studies of reaction kinetics, coarse-grain modeling, and more. Connect to stay up to date with product announcements and updates.

    Join the BIOVIA Materials Studio Community
  • BIOVIA Discoverant Community

    Join the Discoverant community for manufacturing analytics to get the most out of the system and your manufacturing processes data. Exchange ideas with peers and BIOVIA experts on CPV monitoring strategies, drawing insights from your process data, predictive modeling, meta-monitoring, and maximizing the capabilities of your process intelligence solution.

    Join the BIOVIA Discoverant Community


  • Blogs

    BIOVIA experts analyze industry trends, share what’s on their mind and want to hear from you.

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  • BIOVIA Biologics Blog

    BIOVIA is supporting the Discovery, Development and Manufacturing of Biotherapeutics.

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  • BIOVIA Brand Profile

    BIOVIA background, offering, history and locations

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  • BIOVIA Unified Lab

    BIOVIA Unified Lab supports laboratory operations across industries

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  • BIOVIA Data Science

    Democratize Machine Learning and AI Across Your Organization

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